Recent Work


For team bonding of 9 members from Singapore -2020.06

-For team bonding of 5 members from San Francisco -2020.07

-For team bonding for a different team of 7 members from the same company as the previous team recommended my program from NY and Los Angeles-2020.09

-Accenture plc, for promoting the wellness of the employees from all over the U.S -2020.08

-Fujitsu Inc, for a community activity to promote creative design thinking 68 attendants  -2020.11


For an activity at the lunch break for 200+ people.
@2 day Global Zen and Mindfulness Conference called Zen2.0

For self-reflection at the conference that drew audiences 1000 people 4day @Integral European Conference -2020.05

Private & personalized

Private session, Whole family reunion -2020.07

Group session, Share the peaceful time with other individual participants -2020.07

Private session, Personalized session -2020.07

Media coverage

Kokoro Media

Zen and the Art of Eating: Developing a Greater Appreciation for Food through Mindfulness

A podcast of a collection of joyful works of wisdom by Valerie Hope, Leadership Coach | Professional Speaker

In Japanese/日本語


オンライン体験ツアーの可能性 マーケットへの新規参入や新たなニーズ掘り起こし プロモーションにも一役(後編)

Voicy公式 1日5分でマインドフルネス!瞑想の習慣化サポーターズ
第197回MBS「マインドフルネスと食という視点で日本の多様な食や精神性を世界中に伝える」Momoe cooking 代表 西村桃恵さん

PlayTalk #毎日冒険しよう