Enhance Your Team’s Well-Being with this 1-Hour Online Experience.

Nourish your body
Reset your mind

Offer Your Employees a Fun and All-Inclusive Team-Building Event.


Why should you sign up?


Well-being helps improve employees’ performance.


First, connect with yourself by meditating and then connect with others by sharing your feelings and emotions.

Connect with yourself deeply by meditating and connecting with others by sharing feelings and emotions.


Everyone can relate to it because eating is essential to life.

Why Do Participants Enjoy It?

Improving the quality of life

Eating and meditation are both excellent and enjoyable ways to reset your mind in the workplace. You will discover how to switch modes and recharge by making the most of your lunch or tea break.

Applicable to everyday life

Eating mindfully is the easiest way to practice mindfulness. Did you know that you can meditate while eating? You can easily incorporate the skills of meditation into your everyday life.

Connected with team members

We can build a psychologically safe environment by eating together and meditating together. As a result of this experience, you will gain skills on how to communicate more effectively with your coworkers.

Why This is a Good Investment for Your Company?

Mental Health

Employee Engagement

Employee Productivity

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4.9 / 5.0

What is ZenEating?

The Unique Online Experience for Team Events.

ZenEating Online Experience is a live, interactive activity hosted virtually by a well-being expert.

This is the perfect experience to connect and learn something new with your team, wherever you are.

You also may enjoy the authenticity as the ZenEating meditation guide is from Japan.

When is an online ZenEating experience appropriate?

-Team-bonding event

-Kick-off event

-Project completion

-Farewell party

-Anniversary event for the whole company

What Outcome Can You Expect?

-Mindfulness Skills

-Well-being Skills

-Team building


  • Connect with yourself deeper
  • Connect with team members deeper
  • Peaceful and joyful energy

What Will You Do?

  • Connect with yourself deeper
  • Deeper connection with team members
  • Peaceful and joyful energy


-Zen philosophy
-How to eat?
-Today’s goal


-Use five senses
-Place the cutlery on the table after each bite
-Gratitude for the moment


-Share how you felt
-What keywords popped into your mind while eating?
-Apply what you learned in your daily life

How does it work?

Online video chat, which participants can access from their homes.
e.g. Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams

In your online event, you will have a mindful eating experience.

Schedule After Your Reservation is Confirmed

Step1:We will send you an email prompting more information.
For example:
-When you would like to have the event & For how long? 
-What is the occasion of the event?
-What are the objectives and goals of the event?

→Receive a message from us with all the information that you will need to invite participants.

Step2:Forward information to your employees.

For example: Zoom link, things to prepare (e.g. food)

Step3:Attend the event!

Free consultation by Video call (If your company has special requests we will arrange a video meeting with our expert)

Step4: Payment by the end of next month.



Who we are?



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Contents of this online experience

おすすめは1 hour

でも15minutes – 2 hour 

option share なし

sharing and mindful communication valunerability

Why we use reset instead of refresh mind?

Meditation is reset

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No one will be exclude here because eating relats to everyone!

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I heard mindfulness helps to improve concentration.
but… mindfulness classes are boring.
It’s not for me.
I’m too busy and impatient to just sit down.

What if

you can practice it while eating?

There is no meditative posture, no stillness.

No knee pain, no back pain.

What if

you don’t need to add anything extra on your todo list but still can practice everyday?


What if it changes(improves) “How you eat” radically within 1 hour?

What’s included