Zen Eating course for having a healthier diet in your daily life

Have fun, be satisfied, and improve your diet

Join our Zen Eating, where you can improve your diet by focusing on the five senses

This is a perfect opportunity for you if you…

  • want to eat healthier
  • want to stop overeating
  • want to eat slower
  • wish to be able to listen to your body
  • want to figure out your healthier portion and size that your body needs
  • wish to make it a habit to be present while eating
  • want to enrich your life
  • want to live peacefully
  • wish to learn how you can apply Zen principles in choosing the types of food and dishes

What can you earn from the course?

If you make time to focus on your five senses regularly, you will gradually be able to listen to your body.

By doing so, you can expect to find out the right portion of food for you, and be satisfied without overeating.

In the last three months, Zen Eating online had more than 250 guests from 30 countries.

What is Zen Eating?

It is a time for connecting your body and mind by eating, and understanding that the act of eating itself is a meditation.

By having each bite mindfully with a guide, you will naturally have a calm mind and body, which leads to a positive mindset.

Content of the course

①Zen Eating Zoom Session

We hold an online workshop of Zen Eating where you will experience eating mindfully.

It is a 45 minutes video conference via zoom per workshop.

Think of this place as a “training retreat” to heighten your sensitivity, since you can concentrate more on your senses than doing it by yourself.

By having a time where your mind can relax and calm down, you will find yourself being able to listen to your body.

You can request the preferable date and time. Please send a request by message.

Check the available date and time from here!


②Video or audio guide for eating meditation “Zen Eating” for your individual practice.

We provide you with an audio guide to listen while you eat.

You can practice whenever you want, with a time period that is convenient for you.


③Everyday tips for making zen eating part of your daily life to have a healthier diet

Preparing for daily practice

We provide you with the tips for daily practice. (Example: “To calm down, close your eyes for 5 seconds before you start eating.”)

You can practice at your own pace, observing the changes.

The tips are very easy and practical, so please utilize them to make it a part of your daily routine.


④Follow up via messenger chat or email

You can share with other members how you felt and the changes that you are feeling, by making Zen Eating a part of your daily life.

We will make an environment where you can continue to practice, with support of the coach and other team members.

Some experience changes of their meal portion and the taste they prefer in about a week.

To bring

Please bring your meal or a light snack to each session.


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Q: What kind of food should I bring to the session?

A: Anything you like to eat. It can be Asian or Western food.

If possible, we recommend something healthy.

You can choose the food that your body and mind will feel comfortable with when eaten mindfully. (Let’s practice choosing food mindfully♡)

If you regularly eat junk food, you could also bring your regular meal.

By eating your regular meal with a different approach, you may find some interesting changes in your senses.


Q: What is the appropriate portion of food?

A: We recommend about 80% of your regular meal for the first session.

We take each bite together, for 6~10 bites.

Later, you can have the rest of your meal while having a discussion.

I hope this helps you to figure out how much food to bring.


Q: Can I participate in tea time?

A: Yes, of course.

 You can bring anything you like, such as nuts, dried fruits, bread, cookies, etc.


Q: Can I participate just with a smartphone?

A: Yes

We use a free online video conference ZOOM.



4.99 stars out of 5 by over 140 participants!

‘By the end of Zen Eating, my head has become clearer, and my mind has become calmer,’

‘I was so busy every day that I suffered from not being able to take even five minutes to relax, but this session helped me to learn a new way to eat. It’s made my life a lot more enjoyable.

‘I could feel a connection with the earth and have an open mind.


Session flow example (45min)

11:55 You can enter Zoom from 5 minutes before. You can check your connection and enjoy meditation.

12:00 We have a casual talk to share how we are feeling today and what changes you felt after the last session.

12:05 Light exercise to release the tension of the body

12:10 Zen eating (We eat each bite mindfully with a guide)

12:35 Time to reflect on yourself and share how you felt

12:45 End of the session


  • Please prepare your lunch or a light snack.
  • You can keep the video off, so you don’t need to tidy up your room or wear make-up.

About video conference

  • You can enter and leave the session anytime.
  • We will reschedule the session or refund the session fee if there is a problem in the coach’s connection.
  • We cannot handle any microphone or camera trouble of the participants. 


Executive course

What will be provided…

 ・Attending a Zoom session unlimited a month (holding 10 times/ month approx)

 ・1on1 private session 4 times / month

 ・Video or audio guide for eating meditation “Zen Eating” for your individual practice.

 ・Everyday tips for making zen eating part of your daily life to have a healthier diet.

 ・Follow up via messenger chat or email

 $320 / €98 per month
 ⇒Now monitor price $112 USD / month


Basic course

What will be provided…

 ・Attending a Zoom session twice a month

 ・Video or audio guide for eating meditation “Zen Eating” for your individual practice.

 ・Everyday tips for making zen eating part of your daily life to have a healthier diet.

 $67 USD per month
 ⇒Now monitor price $47 USD/ month

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